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Your pictures: Live 8
Live 8 picture taken by Julia Smith
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Julia Smith took this photo of the preparations for the Philadelphia Live 8 concert. Official figures have put the crowd at the concert at over one million.
Live 8 picture taken by Elspeth Mitchell
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Elspeth Mitchell puts her message across at Hyde Park, London. The concert was watched by 205,000 music fans who came to hear acts including Madonna, U2, Coldplay, Sir Elton John, Sting and Sir Paul McCartney.
Live 8 picture taken by Julie Haggis
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Julie Haggis was lucky enough to have attended both Live Aid and Live 8. Here she is among the crowds in Hyde Park.
Live 8 picture taken by Karen
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Apparently not everyone was impressed with Snoop Dogg's performance at Hyde Park. Karen took this photo of one man passing the time until someone else comes on stage.
Live 8 picture taken by Paul Greenwood
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Aisha, from Singapore, can't believe the amount of litter at Hyde Park. Paul Greenwood sent in this picture of the mess. An estimated 150 tonnes of rubbish was generated by the London crowd.
Live 8 picture taken by Jen Slade
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The massive clear-up operation started as soon as revellers left. Jen Slade and her husband were some of the last to leave and captured this photo of the aftermath.
Live 8 picture taken by Misha Kozyrev
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Misha Kozyrev and his friends attended the concert in Moscow. The crowd in Red Square was smaller than organisers had wished for, but still attracted around 10,000 people.
Live 8 picture taken by Misha Kozyrev
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Misha also sent in this picture of the finale of the Moscow concert. "The Kremlin bells would ring out every hour, punctuating the acts, with special Russian significance", he says.


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