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In Pictures: Make Poverty History march
People gathered on The Meadows
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People came from far and wide to take part in the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Here, they gathered on The Meadows before setting off round the city centre.
People on The Meadows
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The aim of the march was to put pressure on G8 leaders to take positive action at their Gleneagles summit.
Police ready for march
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Police officers prepare for the march to come their way. Organisers said they wanted the event to remain peaceful throughout.
Princes Street
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Some early arrivals on Edinburgh's main thoroughfare, Princes Street.
March goes down Princes Street
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A rather different picture as the march makes its way down Princes Street.
Making Poverty History banner in crowd
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A sea of white as demonstrators make their point to the G8 leaders.
Edinburgh Castle with MPH banner
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Edinburgh's most famous attraction gets in on the act with a message to politicians.
Woman sleeping
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This protester uses her head to make her point and takes some time out before the march set off.
Banner proclaiming
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Cardboard boxes served as banners to spread the marchers' word.
Man with MPH written on his chest
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This protester decides to get his feelings off his chest (or maybe that should be ON his chest)
Woman going down alley on way home
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Homeward bound after a day on the streets


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