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In pictures: Design of tomorrow
Lap juicer - Philip Worthington and Theo Humphries (Interaction Design)
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Lap juicer by Philip Worthington and Theo Humphries: Theo says; "I like people to be delighted, inspired or troubled by my concepts."
Project Membrana - Jacobo Dominguez Ojea (Vehicle Design)
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Project Membrana by Jacobo Dominguez Ojea: Jacobo says; "If each customer can tailor the exterior appearance, the car becomes exclusive."
NoTreeHouse - Ed Swan (Design Products)
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NoTreeHouse by Ed Swan: The wooden arms have lenses at the ends which magnify and project what they see outside, to the interior (see next image).
NoTreeHouse - Ed Swan (Design Products)
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NoTreeHouse by Ed Swan: This is what it looks like inside.
Scooter - Alex Hung (Vehicle Design)
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Scooter by Alex Hung: Inspiration for this scooter came from the smooth curves and lines of the Chinese bow.
Pistake Urinal - Malcolm Kimberley (Industrial Design Engineering)
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Pistake Urinal by Malcolm Kimberley: This toilet analyses the user's urine for sexually transmitted diseases, and connects to their mobile via Bluetooth with the results.
Antarctic vehicle - James Moon (Vehicle Design)
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Arctic vehicle by James Moon: James says; "The eclectic mix of students at the RCA has influenced my work."
Textile designs - Claire Canning (Constructed Textiles)
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Textile designs by Claire Canning: Claire uses traditional screen-printing and digital print. "Layering and volume is important to give fabric depth," she says.
Twist - Julio Lozano Benlloch (Vehicle Design)
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Twist by Julio Lozano Benlloch: This car's sleek lines and contours might appeal to a future James Bond 007.


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