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In pictures: Jenkins evidence

Tent peg

Billie-Jo was battered to death with a metal tent peg

Sion Jenkins' left shoe

Blood spots were found on the side of Mr Jenkins' left shoe

Sion Jenkins' clothes from the front

The defence argued Billie-Jo 'breathed blood' on to his clothes

Sion Jenkins' outfit from the back

Evidence included the whole outfit Mr Jenkins wore that day

Sion Jenkins' right shoeprint

Photographs of Mr Jenkins' footprints were shown in the trials

Sion Jenkins' left shoeprint

Mr Jenkins' clothes and shoes revealed 158 blood spots

Sion Jenkins' trousers

Forensic tests found flesh specks on Mr Jenkins' lower right leg

Sion Jenkins' jacket

The fleece Mr Jenkins was wearing on the day Billie-Jo was killed

Billie-Jo's ski pants from the front

Billie-Jo had paint on her ski pants after decorating patio doors

Billie-Jo's ski pants from the back

The jury heard Mr Jenkins attacked Billie-Jo 'in a terrible temper'

The Jenkins' house

Billie-Jo was battered to death in the family's back garden

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