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In pictures: Guantanamo prison

Camp Delta entrance

A delegation from the US Congress has been visiting the prison at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba, amid allegations of human rights abuses there.

Camp Delta watchtower

More than 500 non-Americans - many captured during the war in Afghanistan and declared "enemy combatants"- are detained at the facility.

Cell in Camp V

The lawmakers were shown cells, like this one with standard issue items.

Interrogation room in Camp V

They witnessed interrogations from behind one-way mirrors.

Ankle cuffs in interrogation room in Camp V

One of those interrogated was a Saudi national who defence officials claim knew nine of the 11 September hijackers.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter eating with servicemen

The US Representatives joined the troops for lunch, said to be identical to the fare provided to inmates.

Inmates reading notice in Arabic at Camp Delta

White House and Pentagon officials say the inmates are well-treated.

Koran in inmate's cell

Washington is also keen to play down allegations that Korans have been desecrated at the prison.

Camp X-Ray

Visitors were also shown the now overgrown Camp X-Ray, the original facility at the base set up in January 2002.

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