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Last Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006, 20:47 GMT
In pictures: Dockers' strike

Dock workers march in Strasbourg

Around 6,000 dockers have taken part in a protest in Strasbourg against plans to liberalise port services.

Dockers protesting in Strasbourg

Dockers from across the EU fear they could lose their jobs if the proposals are approved by the European Parliament.

Protesters throw missiles in Strasbourg

Protesters threw firecrackers, stones and metal missiles, smashing windows, causing extensive damage.

Violent scenes outside EU Parliament

Police officials said only a few hundred protesters turned violent.

A protester throws a missile

At least 13 dockers were arrested and 12 police officers were injured during the clashes.

A fake coffin is burned by dockers in Pasajes, northern Spain

Elsewhere, strike action, such as here in Pasajes, northern Spain, disrupted work at ports from Greece to Sweden.



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