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In pictures: Turner Prize shortlist
Fleurs de huile, Gillian Carnegie
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This year's Turner Prize bucks recent trends by shortlisting artist Gillian Carnegie, who works within traditional genres of landscape, still life and portraiture.
Section, Gillian Carnegie
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Carnegie, who has been shortlisted for her solo exhibition at the Cabinet gallery in London, uses oil on canvas to "explore the properties of painting".
California North Star, Darren Almond
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Wigan-born artist Darren Almond uses a wide range of media including film, photography and sculpture to explore the passing of time.
Meantime, Darren Almond
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One of his pieces is Meantime - seen here in Venice in 2003 - which takes the form of a giant digital clock inside a steel sea container.
If I Had You, Darren Almond
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Almond's work, which addresses the themes of time, geography and memory, also includes the four-part film installation If I Had You.
Terminus, Darren Almond (photo Nic Tenwiggenhorn)
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Another of Darren Almond's installations, Terminus, takes the form of two aluminium bus stops. The artist is shortlisted for his exhibition at the K21 gallery in Düsseldorf.
Mental Oyster, Jim Lambie
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Glasgow-born Jim Lambie uses everyday materials to create exuberant installations and sculptures that make references to pop music and youth culture.
Split Endz, Jim Lambie
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Another of Lambie's pieces, Split Endz, is made up of belts and training shoes spilling out of a brightly coloured wardrobe.
Three Day Sky, Simon Starling
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The final shortlisted artist, Simon Starling, specialises in "complex sculptural installations". "The work I make is concerned with reconfiguring things," he says.
Tabernas Desert Run, Simon Starling (photo Nic Tenwiggenhorn)
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One of Starling's pieces, Tabernas Desert Run, takes the form of a fuel cell powered bicycle. The winner of this year's Turner Prize will be announced on 5 December.

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