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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 June, 2005, 10:16 GMT 11:16 UK
In pictures: One day in Iraq
Detained Iraqi men
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Men arrested during an anti-insurgency operation are paraded at a base in southern Baghdad, Tuesday 7 June.
Saddam Hussein keyrings
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Keyrings featuring former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on sale in a Baghdad market.
Iraqi police commandos, Baghdad
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Iraqi police commandos guard a hospital after bringing in three colleagues injured in Baghdad's Amel district.
Neighbours of Ayad Saweyda, Ramadi
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On Tuesday morning, a man weeps over the body of his 56 year-old neighbour, Ayad Saweydan, killed during a US raid overnight in Ramadi.
Aftermath of Baghdad car bombing
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A US soldier stands amid the aftermath of this morning's car bomb in Shula district, Baghdad, which left 17 people wounded.
Wounded man, near scene of the Shula district bombing, Baghdad.
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A man wounded in today's car bomb in Shula district, Baghdad speaks on a mobile phone.
Roadsweepers clear up after car bomb
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Road sweepers clear the street of wreckage from today's car bomb in Shula district, Baghdad.
Iraqi soldiers and captured weapons
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Iraqi soldiers display weapons seized from suspected militants during raids in Baghdad this morning.
Soldier guards wreckage of Hawija bomb.
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An Iraqi soldier stands guard beside wreckage from a car bomb in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija on Tuesday.
Iraqi troops
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Iraqi soldiers on the march during a raid in the Nihran Omar area 70km north of Basra.
Injured Iraqi man
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A wounded man receives treatment for injuries sustained in a car bomb attack today in Hawija, 250km north of Baghdad.
Iraqi women at a Baghdad bookstall
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Iraqi women browse at a stall selling bookholders, used to hold open the Koran, on Tuesday 7 June.
Car destroyed by Hawija bomb attacks
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A policeman inspects the wreck of a car, destroyed in one of three attacks in Hawijja on Tuesday.
Police examine wreckage from Hawija attack
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Police pick through the remains of a car, destroyed by a bomb attack in Hawija on Tuesday.
Man led away after being detained near Basra
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A man is taken away after being arrested near an Iraqi army checkpoint near Basra on Tuesday.

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