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Your icons of England


Our quest for definitive icons of England prompted many nominations. For Jonathan Bardsley it's the stoicism exhibited in this scene from Glastonbury 2005, after two days of rain.

High tea

"High tea during a visit to Windsor. What a treat and how English!" says Jeremy Major, from New York.

Pub and car

For those who enjoy a spot of the harder stuff, a pub and an old Morris Minor. "They both show a certain grittiness and beauty," says Neil Pierce.


A more modern motoring icon from Candace, in New Jersey, US - the new Mini sums up England in a stylish, shiny case.


Motoring from a different era inspires Trevor Wood, who suggests the Triumph Bonneville. "The epitome of style, with aesthetically beautiful clean lines, waspish appearance."

Thatched cottage

It's doesn't get more olde English than a thatched cottage with climbing roses, nominated by Mark Stein, New Jersey, US, who snapped this in Oxfordshire.

Union flag

A more radical representation from Shawn Sobers, who says "inspired by artist Eddie Chambers, this version of the Union Jack reflects the point that when the British Empire was established, this nation changed forever".

Red Arrow and Blackpool Tower

"The visit of the Red Arrows to Blackpool has been a tradition during the summer season ever since I can remember," says Tam Sadek. As a child, "I used to love going down to the promenade to look at the planes up close."

Lake District

"It's great to be able to travel a short distance from any point in England and have scenery like this. Despite the freezing rain," Brian McGrath says of the Lake District.

Tower Bridge

Say cheese! Rod Balkwill nominates Tower Bridge in London. See Internet Links, right, for more details of the Icons: a Portrait of England project.

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