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In pictures: Kandahar blast
Kandahar blast scene
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Wednesday's blast took place as people gathered at a mosque in Kandahar to mourn the assassinated cleric Mawlavi Abdullah Fayaz.
Kandahar blast scene
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Initial reports said about 20 people had been killed, outraging many ordinary Afghans.
Kandahar blast scene
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Kabul police chief Mohammed Akram was among those killed, officials said.
Kandahar blast scene
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The Afghan interior ministry said this was a "suicide attack by the enemies of Afghanistan and Islam".
Kandahar blast scene
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Donors came forward to give blood for victims. As well as those killed, dozens were hurt in the blast.
Kandahar blast scene
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The attack was the worst in Afghanistan this year and comes amid an upsurge in violence by Taleban insurgents opposed to President Hamid Karzai's rule.
Clothes of slain Afghan cleric
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The clothes of slain cleric Mawlavi Abdullah Fayaz are shown in Kandahar. Fayaz, an outspoken critic of the Taleban, was shot dead on Friday.


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