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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 May, 2005, 14:16 GMT 15:16 UK
In pictures: Live 8 line-up
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Details of Live 8, a second Live Aid concert to take place before the G8 summit in July, have been announced. Madonna is among the global superstars who have signed up for the event, which hopes to raise awareness and pressure to combat poverty in Africa.
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Many performers cemented their star status at the original Live Aid in 1985 - including U2, who will fly from Live 8 to their own gig in Vienna, which takes place on the same night.
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Coldplay, vocal anti-poverty campaigners and arguably Britain's biggest band, are leading the crop of younger artists. They also have their own gig scheduled for 2 July, in Glasgow.
Sir Paul McCartney
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Sir Paul McCartney closed the London leg of the original Live Aid with a rendition of Let It Be - although his microphone famously failed during the first half of the song.
Robbie Williams
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Robbie Williams has been one of the UK's top stars for more than a decade - but has not enjoyed the same success in the US.
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Sting kick-started his solo career with an appearance at Wembley in 1985, duetting with Phil Collins.
Joss Stone
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Eighteen-year-old soul star Joss Stone is another young British star who will take the stage after rising to fame in the last two years.
Bob Geldof
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Bob Geldof is organising the extravaganza once again - just weeks after saying another Live Aid would happen "over my dead body".
Duran Duran
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Veteran British band Duran Duran will play in Rome.
Elton John
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Elton John, who will appear in London, said he was "pretty much a self-confessed drug addict" during the first Live Aid show.
REM singer Michael Stipe
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REM, who are playing at a host of European festivals this summer, are down to play in London.

Bob Geldof outlines the concert plans


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