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In pictures: Big Brother 2005
Big Brother contestant Anthony
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The UK's sixth series of Big Brother started on Friday with 13 contestants including Anthony Hutton, a 1970s dancer from Consett, near Newcastle. He said he "has to be the centre of attention" - but was booed by the crowd for showing off.
Big Brother contestant Craig
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Hairdresser Craig, 20, from Norfolk, set up his own salon aged 19. "I love destroying people's lives and take great delight in seeing other people unhappy," he said.
Big Brother contestant Derek
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Derek Laud is a well-known Conservative strategist. He had to withdraw as a candidate at the 1997 general election after being convicted of drink-driving in the US and became the first black master of foxhounds in 1999.
Big Brother contestant Kemal
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Kemal Shahin, 19, is originally from Turkey but is now studying and working at the passport office in Liverpool. He is a belly dancing Elvis and Eurovision fanatic who says he will be nominated for being "too loud, confrontational and for bitching".
Big Brother contestant Lesley
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Lesley Sanderson, a 19-year-old sales co-ordinator and dance student from Huddersfield, is a self-confessed "poser".
Big Brother contestant Makosi
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The "unlucky" 13th contestant was 24-year-old cardiac nurse Makosi Musambasi, who lives in High Wycombe and is originally from Zimbabwe. "Shallow people offend me, two-faced people offend me, [and] people who swear for no apparent reason," she said.
Big Brother contestant Mary
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"White witch", psychic and writer Mary O'Leary ditched the cape and broomstick before going into the house. The 30-year-old said she was ruthless, extremely intelligent and hated TV programmes produced for the masses.
Big Brother contestant Maxwell
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Maxwell Ward, 24, a maintenance engineer from north London, said he was "a bit of a geezer". "People say I'm rude and obnoxious," the Arsenal supporter told viewers.
Big Brother contestant Roberto
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Italian-born Roberto Conte said he used to be in the Italian parachute regiment, a basketball player and a professional windsurfer. He was also in the final of the Most Handsome Man In Italy 1996 contest and is now a teacher in Liverpool.
Big Brother contestant Sam
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Sam Heuston, 23, a marketing student who had a boob job five years ago, said she wanted to be famous and was "original, funny and fun".
Big Brother housemate Saskia
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A model and promotions girl, 23-year-old Saskia Howard-Clarke said housemates would nominate her because of "jealousy, jealousy, jealousy".
Big Brother contestant Science
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Musician and entertainment entrepreneur Science - real name Kieron Harvey, 22, from Leeds - described himself as a "revolutionary, a rebel of the times".
Big Brother contestant Vanessa
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Vanessa, a bisexual business studies student and former table dancer, said she was "a gossiper, a bitch, two-faced, loud, shallow, materialistic and thick".

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