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Last Updated: Friday, 6 January 2006, 10:25 GMT
In Pictures: Consumer Electronics Show

Conference goers at CES, Getty Images

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas attracts some 130,000 visitors keen to check out the latest gadgets and services from more than 2,500 exhibitors

A wall of screens at the CES show

Large areas of the exhibition are dominated by flat panel televisions of all descriptions, from plasma and LCD screens to ones using new display technologies

The major players in the electronics industry continue to squabble over the format of the next generation of DVDs, with Toshiba pushing HD-DVD versus Sony's Blu-ray

Google is attracting a lot of the attention at CES, even though it produces few actual electronic products itself

Many exhibitors are challenging the dominance of the Apple iPod by bringing out new digital music devices, many of which also play video

A whole hall at CES is devoted to the latest accessories for cars, from satellite navigation devices to bombastic audio systems


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