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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 January 2006, 12:42 GMT
In pictures: US mine tragedy

Family comes to terms with grief

Only one of 12 miners trapped underground in West Virginia was found alive, hours after it had been reported the 12 had survived. A 13th miner had been found dead earlier.

Families rejoice

Earlier, relatives had celebrated news of the "miracle" that 12 miners had been found alive.

The entrances to a mine

The 13 coal miners were trapped 70 metres underground after the mine explosion early on Monday. They are thought to have been poisoned by toxic fumes.

Rescue workers

Rescuers knew they were battling against the clock before the men ran out of air, food and water.

Families gathering at the church

Families had faced an agonising wait for news and had gathered together at the Sago Baptist Church.

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin speaks to families

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin was with the families and had said it would take nothing less than a miracle to save the men.

Anna McCloy

Anna McCloy, wife of the only survivor, was among those waiting for news of the group's fate.

Family members leave Sago Baptist Church

The families had been rejoicing for nearly three hours when they were told the men had not survived.

Ben Hatfield, chief executive officer of mine owner International Coal Group Inc

Mining officials tried to explain what happened at a news conference, but there were tough questions over how the miscommunication occurred.

Hospital loading bay is prepared

St Joseph's Hospital had prepared for the arrival of any survivors.

Ambulance arrives at hospital

Ambulances rushed from the scene, but it transpired only one miner was still alive, Randal McCloy Junior.


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