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In pictures: Eurovision Song Contest
Turkish entry Gülseren
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Twenty-four nations competed in the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev on Saturday, including Turkish entry Gülseren who embellished her performance of Rim Rimi Ley with a little belly dancing.
Norway's entry Wig Wam
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Norwegian band Wig Wam wore catsuits The Darkness would have been proud of to perform the 1980s-style rock song In My Dreams, getting the Ukrainian crowd on their side by waving a scarf to match their Orange Revolution.
Bosnia and Herzegovina's entry Feminnem
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Zovi, the song performed by Bosnia and Herzegovina's entry Feminnem, was the only song to refer to the Eurovision Song Contest's 50th anniversary.
Maltese entry Chiara
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Maltese entry Chiara took part in Eurovision for the second time, having previously appeared in 1998 when she lost to Israeli transsexual singer Dana International.
Ukraine's Greenjolly
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Ukraine's entrants Greenjolly performed Razom Nas Bahato, the unofficial anthem of Ukraine's Orange Revolution. They were backed by dancers wearing handcuffs from which they escaped halfway through the song.
UK entry Javine
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Despite recovering from throat problems to sing Touch My Fire for the UK, Javine earned a disappointing score of 18 points, placing her third from last.
Moldovan entry Zdob si Zdub
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Moldova's Zdob si Zdub proved that pensioners can also take part in Eurovision, as the rock band enlisted a percussionist who left her onstage rocking chair to play the drum during the song Boonika Bate Toba.
Romanian entry Sistem
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Not to be outdone, Romanian band Sistem began performing its entry Let Me Try in standard fashion before singer Luminita Anghel swapped her microphone for a pair of sticks with which to beat a large upturned container.
Latvian entry Walters and Kazha
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Latvian singers Walters and Kazha took a more sedate approach, performing most of The War is Not Over while seated before walking the short distance to the front of the stage.
Albanian entrant Ledina Celo
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Despite employing violinists for her rendition of Neser Shkoj, Ledina Celo remained a low-scoring entry for Albania.
Swiss entry Vanilla Ninja
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Switzerland's entry Vanilla Ninja were a female rock band hailing from Estonia, looking for support from their Baltic homeland.
Greek entry Helena Paparizou
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The contest was won by Greek entry Helena Paparizou, an early favourite whose performance of My Number One maintained a convincing lead over second place Malta. The 2006 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Athens.



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