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In pictures: Gamers gather at E3 expo
Nintendo stand
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All the big names in the games business are in Los Angeles this week for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, the world's largest games trade show.
E3 expo show floor
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More than 60,000 are expected to pack into the show to get a taste of the video games coming out in the next year.
Women at E3
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Thudding music, giant video screens and characters in fancy dress are all used try to grab the spotlight, in this case for the Conan the Barbarian game.
Bubble chair at E3
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Visitors to the show can play with some of the latest game machines, with Sony providing the means to experience the PSP without distractions.
Mobile gaming
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The games industry sees mobile gaming as one way of moving beyond the hardcore male gamer and tapping the casual gamer.
Exhausted people
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For some, the lights, the noise and the scale of E3, which runs until Friday, can prove too much.


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