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In pictures: The Walls of Derry
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Perhaps the most famous of the images depicted in the People's Gallery this detail from the Bloody Sunday wall shows Father Edward Daly with a white handkerchief leading a casualty out
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Another of the gable walls in the Bogside remembers the civil rights movement of the late 60s and early 70s
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Depicting an image from the day known as Operation Motorman when the British Army smashed barricades to bring an end to "no-go" areas for the security forces in the Bogside
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The inspiration for this monochrome image of a boy wearing a gasmask came from a famous photograph taken near Rossville Flats
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A rioter confronts an army vehicle. The artists say these images have universal appeal and could refer to any number of conflict situations across the world
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A representation of the 1981 hunger strike when ten republicans starved themselves to death inside the Maze prison, then known as Long Kesh.
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The last of the murals to be completed in 2004 is a colour image of the dove of peace designed by schoolchildren.
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Artists Tom Kelly and Kevin Hasson at work on the scaffolding
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Kevin Hasson, William Kelly and Tom Kelly - the men behind the murals that have become known as the People's Gallery.


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