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In pictures: Nintendo's Revolution
Nintendo's prototype Revolution console
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Nintendo introduced its prototype Revolution games console, the successor to the GameCube, at the E3 games expo in LA. It should be the size of several stacked DVD cases.
Nintendo's prototype Revolution console
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Revolution is due out next year but few technical details are known. Nintendo did say it will play DVDs, have built-in wi-fi, an SD memory card slot, and 512Mb of flash memory. Microsoft and Sony have already unveiled their next-generation consoles.
Nintendo Revolution
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Nintendo has not decided on what colour the Revolution will be available in, but these prototypes show the hues that are being considered.
Screenshot of Legend of Zelda GameCube title
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Nintendo announced at E3 that there would be 60 new titles out this year for its GameCube console. It showed a trailer of the highly-anticipated Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game.
Nintendo's GameBoy Micro
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The Japanese games giant also announced its new "jeans pocket-sized" GameBoy Micro. Nintendo said it was the morphing of the GameBoy for the "fashion-conscious consumer."
Nintendo's Micro GameBoy
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The gadget has been shown-off in various designs to make them more appealing to the fashionista. Nintendo currently dominates the handheld games market.


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