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In pictures: Liberia's museum
Caesar Harris with the country's declaration of independence.
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Liberia's national museum was devastated by 14 years of war - director Caesar Harris says some 5,000 artefacts were looted. The BBC's Africa Live asks: "Should Africa reclaim its stolen treasures?"
Royal chair at the Masonic temple
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Many treasures were sold to fleeing expatriates - echoing the looting of Africa during the colonial era. This is the royal chair, where presidents used to sit in Monrovia's influential freemason's temple.
Liberia's national museum in Monrovia
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The building itself came under fire during rebel attacks in 2003. It has previously housed both parliament and the Supreme Court.
Queen Victoria's gift to President JJ Roberts
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Less than 100 artefacts remain in the museum, such as this 250-year-old dining table. It was a gift from Queen Victoria to Liberia's first President, Joseph Jenkins Roberts.
Prince Johnson's military boot
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While the war devastated the museum, it has also contributed some exhibits. One of Liberia's warlords, Prince Johnson appears not to have had enough time to put his right boot on when his base was attacked by rival forces in 1992.
Liberian flag
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Even though the museum houses historical items such as the original national flag, dating from August 1847, it does not attract a great deal of public interest.
A collection of Liberian stamps on a Liberian map.
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Besides the flag, there is also a collection of stamps on a Liberian map and an editorial page of Liberia's first-ever daily, the Liberia Herald.



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