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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2005, 13:34 GMT
In pictures: Tsunami-hit schools

The old school at Baan Nam Khem

The old school in Baan Nam Khem is practically deserted now.

The new school at Baan Nam Khem

It is dwarfed by the new building next to it.

Computer room at Baan Nam Khem school

The pupils now have access to brand new facilities, which were bought using donations from abroad.

Baan Bang Sak school

Down the road, a new school in Baan Bang Sak is still under construction, after the old one was destroyed by the tsunami.

Baan Bang Sak school

Even though the building has not been completed, more than 600 children are already registered as pupils.

Girl in a dormitory at Baan Bang Sak school

Most of them live in the school as well. This is one of the girls' dormitories.

Girls in a dormitory at Baan Bang Sak school

Some have lost relatives, while others are there because their families cannot afford to look after them at home.

Nora Phuwarat, headteacher at Baan Bang Sak school

Headteacher Nora Phuwarat says many pupils are still grieving, often expressing their feelings through art.

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