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Last Updated: Saturday, 14 May, 2005, 13:39 GMT 14:39 UK
In pictures: Uzbek stand-off
Bodies laid out after violent clashes in Uzbekistan
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Uzbekistan's town of Andijan is coming to terms with the heavy toll from the confrontation with government forces.
A car burning in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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Estimates of the deaths ranged from dozens to hundreds, after Uzbek forces opened fire on protesters in the eastern city.
Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov
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President Islam Karimov said the violence was planned by Islamic extremist "criminals".
Protesters in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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The bloodshed began with a peaceful protest over the imprisonment of local businessmen.
Uzbek military vehicle in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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But troops on Friday sealed off the town following an overnight jailbreak and the seizure of a government building.
Gunman in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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Correspondents say unrest in the town feeds off anger over poverty and unemployment.
Protesters in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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Some of those freed from jail led the protest, including local men who were facing trial on charges of Islamic extremism - charges their families deny.
Protesters in the Uzbek town of Andijan
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Protesters called for "justice" and "freedom".
People stand on burned-out car, Andijan
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Buildings and vehicles were set alight during the stand-off.

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