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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 May, 2005, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
In pictures: Iraq carnage
A US soldier near a car used in a bombing in the Yarmouk area of Baghdad
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In Iraq, a series of suicide bombings in Tikrit, Hawija and Baghdad has killed at least 60 people and injured scores.
Fire and ambulance services at the scene of a bomb in a market in Tikrit
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In the northern city of Tikrit, a suicide car bomber struck in a small marketplace, killing at least 27.
A man pauses after carrying the dead and wounded into hospital in Tikrit
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Onlookers helped ferry the dead and injured into Tikrit's hospital.
Doctors in Hawija, northern Iraq
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Further north, in Hawija, doctors struggled to cope with the aftermath of a bomb that killed about 20 people.
Injured Iraqis in hospital in Hawija
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Hawija's small hospital quickly ran out of room, and some casualties were ferried to Kirkuk, 55km away.
Iraqi troops run for cover under fire near Baghdad's Green Zone
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In Baghdad there was further unrest. Gun battles broke out close to the walls of the fortified Green Zone in the city centre, forcing Iraqi troops to seek cover.
A US Black Hawk helicopter attempts to land in Baghdad's Green Zone.
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US efforts to move men and machinery into the Green Zone were hampered by the fighting.
A woman cries after her husband's car is blown up in Baghdad
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Elsewhere, tensions remained high. This woman weeps after US troops blew up her husband's car, which had been left parked as he helped the injured in Baghdad.
An Iraqi man clears broken glass from a shop window in Baghdad
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Residents and shopkeepers quickly began their clean-up.
A boy cries from the pain of his injuries in a Baghdad hospital
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Young and old were left hurt and shocked by the explosions.


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