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In pictures: Berlin Holocaust site

Architect Peter Eisenman at Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

US architect Peter Eisenman aimed for a sense of isolation and claustrophobia at the Holocaust memorial in central Berlin.

Auschwitz survivor Gabor Hirsch at Holocaust Memorial

An Auschwitz survivor - Gabor Hirsch - walks between the concrete slabs. There are about 2,700 of them, covering a 19,000 sq m (204,440 sq foot) site.

Information centre at Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

An information centre at the site documents the Nazi murder of six million European Jews in World War II.

Photos of Jews murdered by the Nazis

The information centre displays photos of Jews murdered by the Nazis. Some critics said the memorial should have honoured other persecuted groups too.

Guard walks between slabs at memorial

The tilting slabs and uneven ground suggest the disorientation felt by Holocaust victims. What destroyed people the most was separation from their parents, Mr Eisenman says.

Holocaust monument at night

The monument at night. Many Berliners are not enthusiastic, saying it is too big, and the design was dogged by arguments.


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