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In pictures: Red Square celebrations
Soldiers in Soviet period uniforms march towards Red Square
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Ceremonies have taken place in Moscow to mark the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.
Russian troops in World War II uniforms
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Much of the march-past was held in period uniform...
Russian military jets fly over Red Square in Moscow during the parade
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...while Russian air force jets roared in to bring a modern edge to the display.
Turkmen veterans at the Victory parade
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Soviet veterans from outside Russia, such as these Turkmen old soldiers, also took part.
Cavalryman in Soviet wartime uniform on Red Square
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And there were mounted soldiers in tribute to the famous 1945 Victory parade.
Girl in World War II uniform dances with old soldier
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Moscow's Gorky Park hosted a party for veterans, some of whom were still up for a dance with the younger generation.
Sailors taking part in the parade
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It was a proud day for many Russians, who plan family celebrations this evening.
Woman in Kiev with wartime portrait of Stalin
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The Victory was remembered in other ex-Soviet states, such as Ukraine, where this woman walked with a wartime portrait of Stalin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the audience at the military parade
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Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed Soviet sacrifices but said it was a victory for all who had fought Hitler.
George W Bush and Lyudmila Putin
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George W Bush, here with Lyudmila Putin, was the first US president to attend a parade on Red Square.
Jacques Chirac speaks in Moscow, flanked by Vladimir Putin
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French President Jacques Chirac delivered a speech near Moscow's new monument to France's wartime leader, Charles de Gaulle.
Gerhard Schroeder and his wife, Doris Schroeder-Koepf, at Moscow's Lyublino Cemetery
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German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, whose nation once made war on Russia, took time with his wife to visit German war graves in Moscow.



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