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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 December 2005, 07:14 GMT
In pictures: Beating the blaze

Firefighters tackle a burning oil tank

After 32 hours of tackling the ferocious blaze at the Buncefield depot, firefighters extinguished all 20 tank fires, although another broke out again on Wednesday.

New fire at Buncefield depot

The new blaze broke out in a previously undamaged tank. The fire brigade said it would be safer to allow it to burn out.

Firefighters tackle a burning oil tank

Three out of 20 tanks were still burning on Tuesday morning and firefighters tackled the blaze in the largest tank last.

The fire is extinguished

The tank fires were finally extinguished on Tuesday afternoon, although some smaller containers were still alight and a previously undamaged tank ignited on Wednesday.

Firefighters take a break

The scaling down of the operation meant some crews could take a break...

A devastated warehouse and car

...and also allowed emergency workers to take stock of the devastation caused by the blast on Sunday.

A badly damaged car

Residents who had to leave their homes during the fire have been returning, but face a huge clear-up operation.

Smoke over the M1

The fire's plume of smoke weakened during Tuesday and traffic has moved freely on the M1, although junction 8 is still closed.


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