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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 13:02 GMT
In pictures: Vigil for Williams

Anti-death penalty campaigners stand with crosses outside San Quentin prison

Hundreds of people waited outside California's San Quentin prison for the execution of ex-gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Campaigners against the death penalty hug outside San Quentin prison

Emotions were high as campaigners for and against the death penalty held their vigil.

Former Crips gang member Michael Scruggs

Ex-gang members were among those who pleaded with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for clemency.

Anti-death penalty campaigners burn an American flag

Williams' supporters called his execution "state-sponsored murder", saying he had made amends through the anti-gang children's books he wrote in jail.

Pro-death penalty campaigners outside San Quentin prison

Pro-death penalty campaigners argued Williams, convicted of four murders 24 years ago, should die by lethal injection because of his lack of remorse.

Rev Jesse Jackson amid a crowd outside San Quentin prison

US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson was among a number of high-profile figures to support Williams in his plea for a stay of execution.

US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson outside San Quentin prison

Rev Jackson said Williams had accepted the news that his bid had failed "with a certain strength, a certain resolve".

Placards near the home of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr Schwarzenegger said Williams' insistence he was innocent and refusal to apologise or atone meant the death penalty was the only option.

San Quentin prison, California

Journalists who witnessed the lethal injection said the mood in the execution chamber was sombre. Supporters of Williams and relatives of his victims watched him die.

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