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Last Updated: Monday, 12 December 2005, 11:55 GMT
In pictures: Beirut car bomb

Security services at the scene of a car bomb attack in Beirut

A car bomb attack in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, has killed MP Gibran Tueni, a prominent anti-Syrian journalist.

Red Cross workers carry a body in Beirut

The blast in Beirut's Christian-dominated suburb of Mekallis killed at least two other people and left several injured.

A nurse treats one of the bodyguards of MP Gibran Tueni

A bodyguard of Mr Tueni - the managing editor of the leading liberal An-Nahar newspaper - was among those hurt.

A Beirut firefighter extinguishes a burning car as Red Cross workers cover a body

The powerful explosion set cars on fire and damaged nearby shops and buildings.

Lebanese security forces by the wreckage of a car

Several vehicles were blown from the road by the bomb, detonated in a parked car as Mr Tueni's convoy passed.

A policeman inspects the wreckage of a car in Beirut

There have been more than a dozen blasts in Lebanon since a car bomb killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February.

Security services guard the scene of the car bombing

The latest attack comes hours before a report on Mr Hariri's assassination is presented to the UN Security Council.

Crowds gather at the scene of the explosion in Beirut

Veteran Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt has accused Syria of being behind the rush-hour attack.

A firefighter douses flames in Beirut

Damascus has said whoever carried out the bombing intended to smear Syria just as the UN report was released.


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