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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May 2005, 09:23 GMT 10:23 UK
In pictures: My Tehran commute

Men and women crowd around escalators in Tehran metro train station

BBCPersian.com reader Bahar sent in these images snapped on her camera phone of her daily journey through the Iranian capital, Tehran - here locals rush through escalators at a metro station.

Commuters stand holding onto handrails in Tehran metro train

Trains soon grow crowded with commuters. Typically, the first two or three carriages of each train are reserved for women, although they can travel in men's carriages if accompanied by a man.

Traffic lights on street in Tehran

Traffic lights on a Tehran street - some two million cars clog the city's roads and commuters face a tough task negotiating the city's streets safely.

Man wearing hat selling ice on side of street

Lining the streets are vendors seeking to make money from commuters, this man is hoping to sell ice to overheated commuters, shading himself in the cool of a tree...

Man sits on pavement selling jewellery to passers by

... while this man hopes to entice customers with a selection of necklaces.

Men in suits lie on grass in the shade

Exhausted by the noon heat, office workers take a break on the cool grass...

A shoe shiner's tools of the trade

... while elsewhere a shoe shiner's tools of the trade are displayed in the baking sunshine.

Sign taped to window in shop

And for those looking for something extra, this shop advertises rose essence "to cure depression and increase your sex drive".

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