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In pictures: Voters go to the polls
Euan Blair, brother Nicky, mother Cherie and Tony Blair
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Tony and Cherie Blair accompany sons Euan, 21, and Nicky, 19, who are first time voters, to a polling station in Trimdon, in the prime minister's Sedgefield constituency.
Sandra Howard, daughter Larissa and Michael Howard
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Conservative leader Michael Howard pauses with his wife Sandra and daughter Larissa outside his local polling station in Lympney.
Charles Kennedy and his wife Sarah
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Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy and his wife Sarah cast their vote in Caol, near Fort William.
Male voter
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A voter leaves a polling station in Braughing, Hertfordshire.
Polling station, Kingsdown
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A set of clubs sits outside a rural polling station in Kingsdown, Somerset.
York Art Gallery
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One of the more unusual polling stations - York Art Gallery.
Barbara Parker
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Barbara Parker puts the finishing touches to a polling station at the British School in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire.
Chelsea pensioners
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Chelsea pensioners from the Royal Hospital in London enter a polling booth to vote.


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