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In pictures: Egypt's loveliest mummy
Mummy being revealed
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Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered a fabulously-decorated 2,300-year-old mummy in the Saqqara burial complex.
Zahi Hawass with the mummy
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"Maybe [it's] the most beautiful mummy ever found. It has a golden mask and the body is completely covered with cartonage - the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life," says chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass.
Close-up of mummy
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The cartonage - or burial material - includes painted pieces of linen glued together, and shows Maat, goddess of truth, right and order.
Archaeologist brushes dust off the mummy
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The mummy, which dates back to the 30th Dynasty (380-343 BC), was discovered last week.
Mummy being put on display at Saqqara complex
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It had been buried in the necropolis of King Teti, which contains scores of burial chambers, false funerary doors and temples.
Egyptian labourers clear sand from the pit where the mummy was found
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The body was preserved in a plain wooden sarcophagus at the bottom of a 6m (18ft) pit filled with sand.
Workers carry decorated mummy with Step Pyramid in the background
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After a CT scan the mummy will be put on show at Saqqara's Imhotep museum, named after the famed architect who designed Egypt's oldest pyramid - the Step Pyramid.


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