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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 December 2005, 10:13 GMT
In pictures: King Kong premiere

A 20ft King Kong model in New York's Times Square

One of New York's most famous visitors - he memorably climbed, and fell from, the Empire State Building in 1933 - returned to the city on Monday.

Adrien Brody, Peter Jackson, Naomi Watts and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The world premiere of Peter Jackson's remake - starring Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts - prompted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to declare Monday "King Kong Day".

Security around teh King Kong model in Times Square

Security around the giant ape was tight all day - but was Kong being guarded from the public, or the other way round?

King Kong director Peter Jackson holds a stop-motion skeleton used for the original King Kong

Director Peter Jackson had complete creative control of the follow-up to his Lord of the Rings trilogy - he finished King Kong for a record $207m (116m), $32m (18m) over budget.

Naomi Watts sits in the KIng Kong model's hands

Naomi Watts plays the actress with whom King Kong becomes infatuated, previously played by Fay Wray in 1933 and Jessica Lange in a 1976 remake.

Jack Black and Naomi Watts

Jack Black appears alongside Watts as the movie producer aiming to exploit the discovery of the giant King Kong - the film's early reviews have been enthusiastic.


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