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Last Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005, 12:04 GMT
In pictures: Venezuela election

A National Electoral Council employee checks a list of voters

Supporters of the Venezuelan government say they have won a landslide victory in Sunday's congressional election. But only about 25% of registered voters cast a ballot.

Venezuelan soldiers

The main opposition parties withdrew from the vote, and thousands of soldiers were deployed nationwide to maintain order.

Voters wait among empty chairs in a traditionally opposition district of Caracas

Polling stations in middle class urban areas of Venezuela were almost empty after the opposition parties' withdrawal.

Voters waiting to cast their votes in Caracas

But people queued to vote in more deprived parts of the city where support for Mr Chavez is usually strong.

President Chavez casting his vote with his grandson Manuel

The Venezuelan president condemned the opposition boycott after casting his vote in Caracas.

Venezuelan Congress

The balance of power in parliament is set to shift further in favour of Mr Chavez. But the opposition says the low turnout deprives the vote of legitimacy.

See the tight security at the polling stations

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