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In pictures: Why I love my Rover
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We asked you to send in your pictures and thoughts as to why you love your MG Rover. Here is a selection of those we received, starting with this MGA from David Breneman in America.
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Ian Robertson: "Need I say more? The MG ZT is a stylish British car that no other manufacturer in the world offers."
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Periklis Gogas from Greece: "Why wouldn't I love my MGTF? Look at this combination: My Tina, my MGTF and the sea. All the beauty in the world!"
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David Hood: "I live in Canada and own three MGBs which I drive all through the Canadian winter. I have been waiting for MG Rover to export MGs to Canada again and I still hope that will happen. My next car? An MG of course!"
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Marianne Ashcroft: "This is my Irish Rover. Isn't she a babe? In fact, that is what I call her - the Babe. I love Rover cars because they are stylish, comfortable, drivable, and elegant. It saddens me to think there will be no new Rovers built any more."
Interior of MG
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Daniel Saxton: "They are brilliant cars, I can't understand why their market share has fallen, unless it's down to the increasing focus on fashion and style. Perhaps if James Bond had driven a Rover it would have made them more fashionable."
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Joe Maggiore, US: "I've been restoring MGs for years now and was very upset when I heard the latest news. I always hoped to buy a new MG on this side of the pond. I would gladly purchase an MG-TF if it were available here in the States."
MG car
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Mark Green: "It's a real shame about MG Rover, not just for the workers but the buyers of the cars. They have such a loyal following."
MG Car
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Simon Priestley: "I love my MG Rover and all that it has stood for. I will be sad to see it go up in smoke along with the warranty on my brand new 10k car. Yet again someone's greed has sent a British company down the river."
MG ZT 190
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Mike Palmer: "Here is my MG ZT 190 which has covered 87000 miles with no breakdowns. This has been a great car to drive. I now face a problem as when I sell there is nothing that comes close to the MG."
Rover 25
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Nacho Bueno, Spain: "I have a Rover 25 1.8 CVT. We offer all our support for MG Rover."


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