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In pictures: Iraq sandstorm
Sandstorm in al-Asad
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The US-led coalition forces in Iraq face violent attacks and suicide bombings, but nature has its hazards as well - like this dramatic desert sandstorm.
Sandstorm in al-Asad
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The storm hit on Tuesday, at the former Iraqi airbase at al-Asad, about 180 km (110 miles) west of Baghdad, now home to a US marine corps unit.
Sandstorm in al-Asad
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The sandstorm approaching at around 60 mph (95 km/h) engulfed people, buildings and equipment.
Sandstorm in al-Asad
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The sky turned orange as the storm approached, until total darkness blanketed the ground.
Sandstorm in al-Asad
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Experts say such storms are extremely rare in Iraq, and can spring up almost without warning. Pictures taken by Gunnery Sergeant Shannon Aldredge, US marine corps photographer.


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