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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 November 2005, 16:20 GMT
In pictures: Frozen Europe

A gull rests in a snow-covered park to the west of Paris on Saturday 26 November

Much of northern Europe has been hit by severe cold weather, with snow flurries and freezing temperatures causing power failures, traffic chaos and disrupting air travel.

Truck driver tends to his vehicle in eastern France

In France, as in the UK, Germany and Belgium, snow led to difficult driving conditions, with many stranded on roads overnight.

A child helps clear snow in the village of Mungia, in Spain's northern Basque region

Mungia, northern Spain: Adults struggled to clear the snow and while some children rushed to play outside, others helped their parents.

A man walks through Mungia, in the Basque region

Mungia, northern Spain: A simple stroll through town required several layers clothing, as well as a sure footing.

Aerial view of the Jamaica Inn at Bolventor on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

On Bodmin Moor in south-west England, hundreds were stranded overnight when their cars were trapped on the roads. Many chose to spend the night in local leisure centres.

Jan Enk (left) and Kevin Altinkeyer push their bicycles through the snow in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Gelsenkirchen, Germany: Some found the conditions perfect for a day out in the countryside.

People walking though the grounds of the Chateau of Versailles, west of Paris

While others, such as these visitors to Versailles, near Paris, refused to let conditions ruin a nice day out.


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