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In pictures: Shanghai motor show
Kira concept car
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The Kira concept car, the brainchild of Japanese car designer Sivax, offers a sign of things to come. The Shanghai auto show will run until 28 April.
Ford Focus
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The industry works hard to impress upon the Chinese that cars are glamorous. Foreign car makers are gearing up their focus on the Chinese market, which they reckon is especially promising.
Nissan Teana
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By 2007, about 7 million motor vehicles will be sold in China. Japan's Nissan is keen to be there when the party takes off in earnest.
Toyota concept vehicle
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For a crowded market, with crowded streets, Toyota's latest concept vehicle offers an interesting - if somewhat far-fetched - alternative to bicycles.
China-made 'Red Flag' car
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The Chinese-made luxury car Red-Flag should appeal to national pride, though it faces stiff competition from American and European limousine makers.
Mitsubishi exhibition
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Wary security guards keep an eye on Mitsubishi's display, amidst concerns that widespread anti-Japanese sentiment might spill into the show.
VW Beetle convertible
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A Teutonic take on Californian cool arrives in China, with German car maker Volkswagen's beach classic, the convertible Beetle. VW says it will stop offering discounts to attract Chinese buyers.
Ferrari 430
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Everyone loves the colour red in China, though this time it is thoroughbred capitalism at work with the Italian supercar Ferrari F430.
Mini Cooper
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Foreign car makers are preparing for the lowering of car import tariffs to 30% and the abolition of quotas on foreign-made cars.
Ford exhibit at the Shanghai motor show
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The Chinese car market is estimated to grow by 10-15% per year over the next decade.

What next for Shanghai Automotive?
12 Apr 05 |  Business

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