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In pictures: Response at Westminster

Westminster Cathedral

News of the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the next Pope was told to the congregation at Westminster Cathedral, London, shortly after the Vatican announcement. Catholics and others share their views...

Janet Cecile, 57, from Leytonstone, London

Janet Cecile, 57, from Leytonstone, London, clapped when she heard the news in church. "He is a great man and the right man to follow John Paul II - and to stick to his principles, and not change his beliefs under the pressure of the media."

Paul Moynihan, 28

Paul Moynihan, 28: "It is great news. It was unexpectedly quick - I hadn't expected it would be Cardinal Ratzinger. We are probably quite unique in being one of the first masses to be celebrating in honour of the new Pope."

Felipe Illanes with wife Paula from Chile

Felipe Illanes, with wife Paula, from Chile, said: "He will do as the Pope before but he was very conservative. Ratzinger was always the right-hand man of the Pope so I don't think there's going to be a bad reaction at home."

Bishop George Stack

Bishop George Stack gave a press conference outside the cathedral. "It's a good day for all Catholics. We've been looking forward to the election of a new Pope and now we have one and we look forward to the years to come."

Jeffrey Yussof, 39, from Malaysia.

Jeffrey Yussof, 39, from Malaysia, said he was very happy for Catholics. "I think they chose the right person. I would like to see him being a bit more liberal because now there is a new generation of Catholic people and it's different."

Raymond and Christiane Massat with daughter Corinne and grandson Guillaume.

French Protestant Christiane Massat, with her husband Raymond, daughter Corinne and grandson Guillaume, said: "We know he is conservative and 78 but we would like to see him opening the church to women and to contraception."

Julian Borthwick, 33

Julian Borthwick, 33: "He was a pragmatic choice but a good choice. If he's a prayerful and thoughtful and academic man, we cannot go far wrong."

John Fannon, 64, from Weymouth

John Fannon, 64, from Weymouth: "When we saw his homily last week it was extremely good and we could see the reaction of the cardinals, who were obviously very pleased with what he said. He speaks Italian very well."

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