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Thatcher years in graphics

Margaret Thatcher entering Downing Street in 1979 and on the day of her resignation in 1990

Click through to see some of the social and economic changes in Britain during the Thatcher era, 1979-90.

Graph of champagne imports

Britain began to consume more luxury goods as the service sector boomed and parts of society became wealthy.

Graph of coal production

The 1980s saw a pit closure programme which sparked a year-long miners' strike.

Graph of council house sales

From 1979 council tenants were given the right to buy their homes. It was a hugely popular policy.

Graph of disposable income

Average income rose during the 1980s but so did inequality. The poorest saw little real gain.

Graph of foreign holidays

Air travel became cheaper and an increasing number of people chose to holiday abroad.

Graph of economic growth

The early 1980s saw a recession as monetary policy was tightened. This was followed by a service sector boom.

Graph of house prices

A boom in parts of the economy helped prices rise. But many entered negative equity in the 1990s crash.

Graph of inflation

The rampant inflation of the 1970s was gradually brought under control as interest rates were raised.

Graph of interest rates

Interest rates were raised to deal with inflation, as part of the Conservatives' new monetarist policy.

Graph of share ownership

There was a rush to buy shares as hitherto state-owned industries such as gas were privatised.

Graph of prevalence of cigarette smoking

The anti-smoking health message continued to be hammered home. No Smoking Day began in 1984.

Graph of days lost to strike action

In 1979 Thatcher pledged to break union power. Her chief battle was with the miners in 1984.

Graph of unemployment

Jobless figures climbed to their highest since WWII as manufacturing declined.

Graph of VCR ownership

The range of consumer durables - such as video recorders - available to the public increased.

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