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In pictures: The war from the North
Mai Nam's negatives next to the camera he used to cover the conflict
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Mai Nam, a photographer with the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) during the Vietnam War, sorts through his negatives. Using old cameras and expired film he and his colleagues captured the experiences of the NVA and Viet Cong soldiers.
US warplane being shot down
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This is one of the most famous photographs taken by Mai Nam. In 1966, near Vinh Phuc, north of Hanoi, he captured the moment the US pilot of this F-105 warplane ejects having been shot down.
Carrying supplies on the Ho Chi Minh trail
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The Ho Chi Minh trail, used by the North Vietnamese to transport supplies south. Despite constant bombardment, photographer Trong Thanh spent five years on the trail, processing film as he went and carrying the negatives around his waist.
On the trail
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This is another of Thanh's photographs, he remembers the pictured man and woman, who had grown up together in the same village. They passed one another briefly, and when they spoke "it seemed to me that they were in love".
North Vietnamese soldier
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Mai Nam captured this shot in March 1968...
Firing guns at US warplanes
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...and this one, of North Vietnamese fighters firing guns at American warplanes after they dropped bombs in the area.
North Vietnamese soldiers head south towards Saigon
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The end draws near. After decades of war North Vietnamese troops travel south on the highway at Danang, en route for Saigon.
Entering the Presidential Palace in Saigon at the end of the war
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Soldiers of the North Vietnam Army enter the Presidential Palace in Saigon. Hours earlier the last US troops scrambled aboard the final helicopters to leave the US Embassy in Saigon.
NVA troops at the Presidential Palace in Saigon
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Dinh Quang Thanh's images of the victorious NVA mark the end of the Vietnam War. Here, soldiers pose for the obligatory photo...
ARVN soldiers sit by the roadside
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...whilst others, such as these defeated officers of the Army of the Republic of South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) sit dejectedly outside the Presidential Palace.


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