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In pictures: The ricin conspiracy
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Police uncovered evidence of a poisoning plot when they raided this flat in Wood Green, north London, on 5 January 2003
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They found a Nivea jar containing nicotine poison, and several castor oil beans which can be used to make ricin
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They also found funnels, scales, blotting paper and acetone which were part of the ricin process
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Also found were recipes listing a series of poisons, including ricin, cyanide and botulinum
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Police inquiries took them to a flat in Crumpsall, Manchester where they stumbled across Kamel Bourgass
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Bourgass, also known as Nadir Habra, tried to escape, grabbing a knife and stabbing to death a Special Branch officer
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Detective Constable Stephen Oake, pictured here with his wife Lesley and three children, was praised as a "policeman's policeman"


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