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In pictures: Japanese princess weds

Japanese Princess Sayako formally bids her father the emperor farewell

Japan's Princess Sayako has married a commoner, which meant she had to take formal leave of Japan's royal family.

Princess Sayako's motorcade leaves the Imperial Palace en route to her wedding

She left the imperial palace by motorcade...

Guard salutes the imperial limousine carrying Princess Sayako to her wedding

... receiving a final salute en route.

Onlookers waving Japanese flags in honour of Princess Sayako's wedding

Onlookers waved Japanese flags in honour of the rare event.

Princess Sayako leaves the imperial limousine in her wedding dress

She wore a Western-style white wedding gown for the event - held at the Imperial Hotel.

Japan's emperor and empress arrive at their daughter's wedding

Her father and mother, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, arrived before the bride and groom.

Princess Sayako and Yoshiki Kuroda arrive for their wedding

The princess has known the groom, bureaucrat Yoshiki Kuroda, since childhood.

The former Princess Sayako and her new husband Yoshiki Kuroda

They are now known simply as Mr and Mrs Kuroda.

Well-wishers sign visitors' books in honour of the wedding of former Princess Sayako

Well-wishers signed visitors' books in honour of the wedding.

Takako Shimazu, second from left, formerly Princess Suga, the youngest daughter of Japan's Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako, and her husband Hisanaga Shimazu, in 1960.

The wedding marked the first time a Japanese princess had given up her status to marry a commoner since 1960.

Yoshiki and Sayako Kuroda after their wedding

The couple begin married life with a $1.2m state dowry - and a vow from the groom to make a "quiet life" for his wife.


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