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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 November 2005, 15:32 GMT
In pictures: Colombia farm unrest

Colombian Indian arrives in Caloto

Aboriginal Indians in Colombia's Cauca State are determined to press their claim to what they say are ancestral lands.

Riot policeman watches Indians in Caloto

Riot police have been deployed around the town of Caloto where farms were invaded.

Police arrest Indian at the Hapio ranch in Caloto

Indian protesters and police clashed at one ranch as the government ordered their eviction.

Police lorry burns as Indian hurls stone

A riot erupted in which a police vehicle was set alight as protesters hurled stones.

Indians light candles for man killed in the riots

One young man was killed, reportedly hit in the eye by shrapnel from a tear gas round.

Colombian Indian brandishes stick in Caloto

Indians remained defiant after the clash and reportedly went on to invade other farms.

Colombia Indians rally for peace
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