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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 22:20 GMT
In pictures: Turkish Kurds riot

Rioters burn a police checkpoint in Semdinli

Riots erupted in the Kurdish south-east of Turkey this week after a bomb attack blamed on secret police.

Bomb-damaged shops in Semdinli

The bomb killed one person at a bookstore in Semdinli said to have Kurdish rebel links.

Guns found in car in Semdinli

Guns were found in the boot of a car being driven by intelligence agents, Turkish prosecutors confirmed.

Protesters rally at entrance to Semdinli

Crowds took to the streets of the mountain town which has seen PKK rebel unrest in the past.

Mourners by open coffin in Semdinli

Emotions were high at the funeral of the man killed in the bookstore in Semdinli.

Mourners carry coffin draped in Kurdish flag through Semdinli

His coffin was draped in Kurdish colours and was followed by a large crowd.

Kurdish women make the V-for-Victory sign at funeral in Semdinli

Slogans in support of the Kurdish PKK rebels could be heard in the streets.

Boy stands by PKK graffito in Semdinli

Semdinli walls bear graffiti in support of the PKK rebels, who ended a long truce last year.

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