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In pictures: Royal well-wishers
Stephen McNally
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Stephen McNally, 48, from the West Midlands: "We follow the Royal Family. I have been to Edward's wedding and Diana's wedding. If we could meet Charles and Camilla, that would be great, as they are supposed to do a walkabout later."
From left to right: Chris Robins, 20, Emma Dean, 19, Vicky Watts, 19 and Jack Lovejoy, 21, all from Chichester:
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Jack Lovejoy, 21, Chichester (right): "I had a crazy idea to have a day out in Windsor. I thought it was stupid, but now I'm glad we came. It's the first royal wedding for all of us and we couldn't afford the Pope's funeral. It's a bit of history."
Juanae Crockwell, 18, from Bermuda
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Juanae Crockwell, 18, from Bermuda: "I'm here because it's a royal wedding and I've never been to one before. It would be good if we saw Charles and Camilla."
Lyn MacDonald, 34, from Egham, Surrey:
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Lyn MacDonald, 34, from Egham, Surrey: "They should just get married and live a happy life. It's nothing to do with anybody else. I'm pleased for them, it's great that they have found love. We should be proud of them."
Chris Beckett, 32, from Woking, Surrey
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Chris Beckett, 32, from Woking, Surrey: "This wedding is totally acceptable. I'm here to see it and celebrate it. He's going to be a good king and she's going to be a good queen. After 35 years loving each other, why not? I fully support them."
Hazel Gibb, 43, from Stretford, Manchester
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Hazel Gibb, 43, from Stretford, Manchester: "We're here to wish him all the best and to say that we're happy with this marriage. It's a love that's lasted, that's conquered all, which is a sign of true love."


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