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In pictures: Horrors of Buchenwald
Barbed wire at Buchenwald
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11 April marks 60 years since US troops liberated the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp in eastern Germany, where about 56,000 people died. CAUTION: This gallery contains some graphic images of dead bodies.
(picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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The camp was set up by the SS in 1937 as a camp for political prisoners, criminals and homosexuals. During the war, Poles and Jews were among the 250,000 incarcerated. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
(picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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Prisoners were forced to build railways and roads, lay power lines and clear forests for the Nazi war machine. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Prisoners at Buchenwald
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Inmates endured starvation, neglect and terror. Punishments included execution and others were tortured and killed on behalf of the Gestapo.
Crematorium (picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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Before the bodies were burned in the ovens of the camp crematorium, they were often plundered by the pathology department. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Human remains (picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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As well as gold fillings, the medical teams removed skin, organs and skeletons for research and as trophies. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Bodies of prisoners (picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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US troops reached the camp on 11 April 1945. Guards tried to evacuate inmates before the liberation, but thousands died along the way. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Buchenwald survivor (picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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The US troops did find survivors - 21,000 were liberated, but hundreds died as a result of what they had endured. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Local residents (picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
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The US commander was so appalled by the atrocities that he forced 1,000 residents from nearby Weimar to visit the camp. (Picture: Gedenkstaette Buchenwald)
Survivor looks at picture of his family
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Buchenwald survivors took a vow, later known as the "Oath of Buchenwald", to oppose fascism and war.

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