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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2005, 13:46 GMT
Day in pictures

Pirates close in on a luxury cruise liner in Somali waters

Pirates off the coast of Somalia wave and smile as they attack a luxury cruise liner at the weekend, in a picture taken by a British passenger.

Sri Lankan Buddhist monks pray

Buddhist monks in Colombo, Sri Lanka, pray for Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, a candidate in the presidential elections.

Burned-out cars in France

Piles of burned-out cars near Strasbourg, France, are reminders of continuing violence in a string of French cities. The country is to impose curfews in an effort to quell unrest.

British adventurer Jason Lewis

British adventurer Jason Lewis, 37, who has returned to the northern hemisphere after six years. Mr Lewis began a 27,000-mile journey from London 11 years ago.

A duck in Belgrade

A duck splashes in a pond in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Hindu devotees in India

Hindu pilgrims perform religious rituals on the banks of the Ganges river at Allahabad, India, to mark the Chhat festival.

Indonesian troops on parade

Indonesian troops on parade. The country is looking for new sources of military hardware to bypass a US arms embargo.

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