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In pictures: Pope's passing mourned
Video grab of procession with Pope's body
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A solemn procession accompanies Pope John Paul II's body as it is moved to St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
Procession carrying the body of John Paul II to St Peter's Basilica.
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There the body will lie in state for the next four days, until he is finally buried under the church on Friday.
Vatican embassy, Tokyo
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His passing is being mourned by Catholics across the world - here a woman visits the Vatican embassy in Tokyo.
Crowd gathered in the Vatican
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A huge crowd of pilgrims sings and prays in the Vatican as cardinals meet to prepare for his funeral.
Philippines mourners
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Students pay their respects at the Catholic university in Manila, the Philippines.
East Timorese Christian
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Catholics also pray for the late Pope in East Timor.
Catholics in China
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China's government allowed Catholic churches to pay their respects to the Pope, despite a decades-old schism between Beijing and the Vatican.
Mourners in Multan, Pakistan
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Pakistani Catholics remember the Pope at a church service in the city of Multan.
Praying in Athens
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A woman from Greece's minority Catholic community prays at a church in Athens.
Police Rome
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Police in Rome keep a close eye on the gathering crowds...
Volunteers in Rome
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...while Italian volunteers help to prepare thousands of makeshift beds for the pilgrims expected to visit Rome for the Pope's funeral on Friday.


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