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David Blunkett: A career in pictures

David Blunkett 1986

David Blunkett led Sheffield City Council for seven years...

Outside the House of Commons in 1987

...before entering the Commons as MP for Sheffield Brightside in 1987.

As Education and Employment Secretary

In Tony Blair's first government, he served as Education and Employment Secretary.

Mr Blunkett with guide dog.

Mr Blunkett, who is blind from birth and uses Braille for speeches, is always accompanied by his guide dog.

With Tony Blair

In 2004 as home secretary he fought a legal battle to prove he was the father of his former lover Kimberly Quinn's first son.

Mr Blunkett, pictured with Ms Quinn

Mr Blunkett, pictured with Ms Quinn, was also accused of "fast-tracking" a visa application for his ex-lover's nanny.

Returning home following his resignation in 2004

In December of that year an e-mail emerged relating to the visa application, it read, "no favours but slightly quicker". Blunkett resigned, though insisted he had done nothing wrong.

David Blunkett

In 2005 Blunkett was back in the cabinet as Work and Pensions Secretary. But by late 2005 he was under pressure after breaking the ministerial code of conduct.

Walking home days before his resignation

Downing Street stood by Mr Blunkett's ability to continue in his job, despite making a "mistake". Eventually though he resigned from the government for a second time in a year.

Arriving at a press conference at the Foreigh Office

At a press conference David Blunkett said said he was guilty of making a mistake on three occasions and was now "paying the price for it".


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