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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 11:27 GMT
In pictures: Ethiopia clashes

Man being carried into an Addis Ababa hospital with a drip

A man, shot in clashes between stone-throwing opposition supporters and riot police in Ethiopia's capital is rushed to an Addis Ababa hospital on Tuesday.

A woman shouts outside an Addis Ababa hospital

As the wounded were taken to the hospital, a woman shouted: "Murder state". Eight people died in Tuesday's violence and at least 23 on Wednesday.

Doctor aids man wounded in Addis Ababa clashes on Tuesday 1 November

The opposition supporters were protesting about May's elections which they say were rigged.

Woman cries as wounded rushed into an Addis Ababa hospital

Most of the clashes occurred in the commercial district of Mercato, where many people were shopping in preparation for the Eid festivities.

Man with bandaged arm

Doctors said most of the dead had been shot in the chest and those wounded were shot in the legs and arms.

A man wounded in riots between opposition supporters and riot police in Addis Ababa

The government blamed the opposition for the violence but the CUD party said the police used excessive force when people supporting them began hooting their car horns.



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