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In pictures: Minnesota funerals
Daryl Lussier and Michelle Sigana's coffins are carried through Red Lake
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People in Red Lake, Minnesota, have begun to bury the friends and family killed in the school shooting a week ago.
Shooting survivor Cody Thunder, left, and his girlfriend watch the funeral procession pass the school
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Among those to watch the cortege pass was survivor Cody Thunder, shot in the hip by teenage killer Jeff Weise.
A pall bearer for Chase Lussier
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The pall bearers for 15-year-old Chase Lussier wore red roses and carried his image.
Chase Lussier's girlfriend, Alex Roy, 14, (left) mourns his death
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Among the teenager's mourners was his 14-year-old girlfriend, Alex Roy, the mother of his young baby.
Chongai'la Morris, left, and Alex Roy place ritual tobacco at a makeshift memorial outside the Red Lake High School
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A makeshift memorial to the dead has been set up outside Red Lake High School, where Weise shot seven people and himself.
Police salute the coffin of former officer Daryl Lussier, grandfather of Jeff Weise
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Police officers honoured Daryl Lussier, the grandfather of Jeff Weise, who was buried with his companion Michelle Sigana.
Rodney White holds his youngest daughter during the wake for older daughter Alicia Alberta White
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Wakes have been held for other victims of the shooting, who will be buried in the days to come.


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